camera 101: use natural light

A shot is as great as its lighting. Find a setting with multiple light sources—a bright light near the camera; a filling, ambient light that softens shadows; and a back light behind the subject that adds depth. Windows on sunny days often act as perfect on-the-go key and fill lights. Just turn on a lamp behind your subject for depth.


shop savvy: AT&T’s new Chicago flagship store

Watch this video for a glimpse of this 10,000-square foot retail experience with an apps lounge, offering the chance to demo new products in development from the AT&T Foundry and shop exclusive accessories designed by Chicago artists.


smart follow: inspiration

Missing that spark lately? These social media accounts can help you get it back.


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tech tip: use your face for your password

A new video shows Android™ users a new security feature.


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Instead of typing in a password, Android™ 4.0 users can simply use their face. Here’s how, as seen on an HTC One™ X.

1. Go to Settings and select Security.

2. Under Screen Security, click Screen Lock. From the list of options available, choose Face Unlock.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions for taking a photo of your face using your phone’s front-facing camera. Extend your arm with the phone’s screen facing you until the image of your face on screen is completely within the dotted lines. The phone will snap a photo of your face and show a check mark as confirmation. Hit Continue.

4. Make sure to choose a backup method of unlocking your phone. If your environment is too bright or dark, or if your phone is unable to recognize you, you will be prompted to input your backup code. You can elect to draw a pattern or simply type in a four-digit code. Whichever you choose, follow the on-screen instructions and then hit Continue.

5. Once you create your backup code, you can go test that your face password is working correctly. Click the power button, drag the on-screen unlock “ring” as you normally would, and hold the phone within range of your face. The camera will flash briefly to confirm your face before unlocking the phone.