camera 101: use natural light

A shot is as great as its lighting. Find a setting with multiple light sources—a bright light near the camera; a filling, ambient light that softens shadows; and a back light behind the subject that adds depth. Windows on sunny days often act as perfect on-the-go key and fill lights. Just turn on a lamp behind your subject for depth.


shop savvy: AT&T’s new Chicago flagship store

Watch this video for a glimpse of this 10,000-square foot retail experience with an apps lounge, offering the chance to demo new products in development from the AT&T Foundry and shop exclusive accessories designed by Chicago artists.


smart follow: inspiration

Missing that spark lately? These social media accounts can help you get it back.


Photo: Eric Vega/Getty Images


AT&T Digital Life

AT&T Digital Life lets you keep tabs on your home wherever life takes you

July 2013

Tablets can help you master the kitchen. But wouldn’t it be great if you could use your tablet to control the rest of the house too, whether you’re there or not? Now you can, thanks to AT&T Digital Life, the home-automation/security system that brings “Future World” convenience to your fingertips.

Lock and unlock the doors. Adjust the thermostat. Turn on the living room lights—Digital Life lets you control all these and more, remotely from your tablet, smartphone or computer.

Digital Life is also the nerve center of a robust home-safety and -security system. It can monitor smoke, CO and water-leak settings and sends you alerts (by phone, email or text) if necessary. It also lets you watch live, round-the-clock camera feeds of your home and will notify the proper authorities in the event of a break-in or other potential trouble.

Digital Life is currently available in more than 20 markets, with plans to extend to 50 cities by the end of the year. For more information, go to att.com/digitallife.

—Julie Anne Russell

AT&T Digital Life services only available in limited zip codes. Other terms, conditions and service restrictions apply. Digital Life license info. avail. at att.com/licenses; also CA ACO #7091; FL EF20001090; Ga. Sec. of State #11018719; IL 127.001502; MN TS667356; NC BPN 007236P3 & NC 14553-L; NJ BL000010; NY 12000297692, licensed by the N.Y.S. Dept. of State; OK 1904; PA HIC 078833; TX B17159; VA 11-7142. 1025 Lenox Park Blvd., Atlanta, GA 30319, 1-855-288-2727.