camera 101: use natural light

A shot is as great as its lighting. Find a setting with multiple light sources—a bright light near the camera; a filling, ambient light that softens shadows; and a back light behind the subject that adds depth. Windows on sunny days often act as perfect on-the-go key and fill lights. Just turn on a lamp behind your subject for depth.


shop savvy: AT&T’s new Chicago flagship store

Watch this video for a glimpse of this 10,000-square foot retail experience with an apps lounge, offering the chance to demo new products in development from the AT&T Foundry and shop exclusive accessories designed by Chicago artists.


smart follow: inspiration

Missing that spark lately? These social media accounts can help you get it back.


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It’s nice to share. It’s nicer to save.

With AT&T Mobile Share, the more you share the more you save.* What’s not to love?

July 2013

Data, data, data—it’s everywhere! As we become increasingly reliant on our tablets and smartphones for posting, streaming, downloading and uploading, it’s easy to lose sight of how much data we’re actually using. That’s why more and more people are taking advantage of AT&T Mobile Share plans. Mobile Share lets a designated group of your choosing (typically a family, but also roommates, office mates—and even friends scattered across the country) share from a common pool of data each month—all at AT&T’s fast 4G LTE speeds.

Mobile Share plans are versatile: Just sign up with at least one smartphone then add up to nine more devices—other wireless phones and smartphones, tablets, laptops, portable gaming devices, as well as select wireless devices. You can even share Internet connections with Wi-Fi–only devices by setting up a Mobile Hotspot (go to att.com/mobilehotspot for more information).

Every phone on the plan receives unlimited nationwide voice minutes and texts (good news for text-happy teens). All you need to determine is how much data you’ll need to share. Plans range from 300 MB to 50 GB per month (to determine how much data you need, go to att.com/att/planner). AT&T Mobile Share helps you reap the benefits of the nation’s fastest 4G LTE network. To learn more, go to att.com/mobileshare.

Find a new tablet or add a data plan to your existing tablet at att.com/tablets4all.

*Savings is in comparison to lower-tiered Mobile Share plans.

Mobile Share: Add a tablet for $10 a month to a Mobile Share plan. Mobile Share plan (with Smartphone min. $95/mo. or with data only device min $40/mo.) required. Up to 10 devices per plan. Additional monthly charge per device. $15 per GB for additional data. Unlimited talk and text for phones only. Activation fee, additional deposits, taxes and other charges may apply. Access to corporate email, intranet sites and apps available for $15/mo. per device. Geographic, usage and other restrictions apply. Coverage and services not avail everywhere.