camera 101: use natural light

A shot is as great as its lighting. Find a setting with multiple light sources—a bright light near the camera; a filling, ambient light that softens shadows; and a back light behind the subject that adds depth. Windows on sunny days often act as perfect on-the-go key and fill lights. Just turn on a lamp behind your subject for depth.


shop savvy: AT&T’s new Chicago flagship store

Watch this video for a glimpse of this 10,000-square foot retail experience with an apps lounge, offering the chance to demo new products in development from the AT&T Foundry and shop exclusive accessories designed by Chicago artists.


smart follow: inspiration

Missing that spark lately? These social media accounts can help you get it back.



must-download baseball apps

These apps will help baseball fans cover all the bases this season, from the first pitch of spring training to the last out of the World Series. Play ball!

By Wook Kim

Charges may apply for download of app. Compatible device required. Data and messaging rates may apply for download and app usage.
Essential info, at your fingertips 13sp_mlbcom_44x44

MLB.com At Bat

As essential to the dedicated fan as peanuts and Cracker Jack is the official app of Major League Baseball, which offers a full roster of up-to-the-minute information, including scores, standings and schedules. The paid version gives you pitch-by-pitch updates and live radio broadcasts of every game in the season.

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The latest gossip 13sp_traderumors_44x44

Baseball Trade Rumors

The very definition of “inside baseball,” this official app from the popular MLB Trade Rumors website will make sure you get every bit of horsehide-related gossip whispered in locker rooms, board rooms, and newsrooms. The ability to filter the feed by player or team more than makes up for a humdrum interface that looks like it was created when Ty Cobb was lacing up his spikes.

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Newswire for your favorite team 13sp_teamstream_44x44

Team Stream

File this app under “Where Have You Been All My Life?” Select your favorite team and receive a constant stream of team-related news sent to your mobile device from the sports-news aggregation site Bleacher Report. You also get selected tweets from players and coaches.

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Baseball cards get an update 13sp_topps_44x44

Topps Pennant Baseball

It’s great to see the company once synonymous with baseball cards making a solid transition into the digital age. Sixty years of the Grand Old Game—every game, inning and out from 1952—have been collected and given a visual presentation that’s sleek, modern and intuitive (though we do miss the pink slab of stale gum).

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A must-have for fantasy ball fans 13sp_fantasymonsterpro_44x44

Fantasy Monster Pro

This all-in-one tool provides fantasy-sports fanatics with a constant feed of scores and team-related news that will help you make the best game-day decisions. Best of all, you can even manage your teams on several leading fantasy-sports leagues (including ESPN and Yahoo!) with a drag-and-drop interface that’s better than anything on the official sites.

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Go stat crazy! Fangraphs_44x44

FanGraphs Baseball

Another research tool for baseball nuts, from the website that has become an indispensable (and influential) trove of statistics. What it lacks in flash it more than makes up for in depth. Use it to find the live win-probability of your team or the salary history of the weak-hitting outfielder you now know is being overpaid.

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Your ballpark guide 13sp_ballparkenvi_44x44

Ballpark Envi

It’s easy to lose yourself in this handsome and comprehensive gallery of baseball stadiums ancient and new, from Shibe Park (which opened in 1909) to Marlins Park (2012). Users can access photos, historical information, even seating charts. Of course, with ticket prices so high, this might be the closest you’ll get to a stadium this year.

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A mobile way to track scores 13sp_iscore_44x44

iScore Baseball Scorekeeper

Designed for coaches and serious fans, this feature-packed scorekeeping app lets you easily record every facet of a game (like individual pick-off attempts), as well as all kinds of game data, from pitch speed and location to spray charts of hitters. Managers and coaches can access cumulative statistics, share data between devices and send out completed scorecards via email.

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For Little League fans 13sp_softballscorekeeper_44x44

Little League Baseball and Softball Scorekeeper

Parents of Little Leaguers who don’t need the depth of advanced scorekeeping apps (see iScore) can opt for this easy-to-use app—which, in fact, carries the official endorsement of the organization. It’s simple to use—the undo button is a welcome feature—and a live streaming option lets distant relatives track the progress of your budding superstar.

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Pretend you call the shots! 13sp_9innings_44x44

9 Innings: 2013 Pro Baseball

A perennial bestseller, 9 Innings is a mobile game that uses actual player data to simulate the experience of managing a big-league team. And it’s the only one officially licensed by the Major League Baseball Players Association.

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Get a last-minute ticket 13sp_stubhub_44x44


Some lazy summer afternoons are best spent at the ballpark, enjoying a dirty-water dog and an ice-cold beer while rooting for your home team. When that impulse happens to strike just a few hours before the first pitch, you only need consult this online ticket marketplace—searchable by price and seat location—to secure your favorite spot along the first-base line.

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An easy mobile game 13sp_flickhomerun_44x44

Flick Home Run

Using the “flick” gesture found on countless touchscreen games, players try to send malevolent-looking horsehide orbs sailing through a cartoonish blue sky. Okay, calling this a “baseball” game may be a bit of a stretch, but, like Angry Birds, it’s super-easy to learn—and frighteningly addictive.

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